Studio Fir Chlis:

We are a fresh and innovative independent production company, telling great stories and making beautiful film.

Showcase Studio Fir Chlis – Studio Northern Light Productions


Sgioba Studio Fir Chlis:

Stiùiriche DirectorLaura Cameron-Lewis

Producer/Shooting/Edit Director/Writer/Presenter –  Laura Cameron-Lewis https://vimeo.com/showcase/7230652

Producer/Shooting/Edit Director/Writer/Presenter – Andrew Eaton-Lewis https://vimeo.com/364236490

Producer/Shooting/Edit Director – Daniel Warren https://vimeo.com/danielwarrentv

Drone Camera – Richard Davies www.mapscotland.co.uk

Sound Production and Edit – Hamish Brown http://www.hamishbrownmusic.com/

Feature length film Whatever Gets You Through the Night by Studio Fir Chlis (as Biphonic, Directed by Daniel Warren) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDck_KWogYJFplIVUewXGS_MxX932_coB

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